Services and Fees

1. Acupuncture

Note: ICBC clients are not subject to these rates, ICBC will fully cover the acupuncture treatment.

1) First Visit Assessment and Diagnosis: $50

2) Regular Acupuncture: $100

60 to 90 minutes.

3) Electronic Stimulation: free
4) TDP Infrared Lamp Heating: free
5) Ear Seeds Embedding: free
6) Topical Herbal Liquid: free

7) Cupping: $20 to $70

10 to 30 minutes.


2. Herbal Medicines

1) First Visit Assessment and Diagnosis: $50

2) Prescription and Dispensary: $50

Usually, formulate and blend 10 to 15 granule herbs customized for a specific disorder.

3) Herbal Materials: vary

Depends on the number of herbs, the price of each herb, and the dosage.

Standard treatment with 12 herbs for an unstable condition costs about $15 daily.

We reduce the dosage or herbs when a condition improves and gets stable so to help reduce the cost to half or a quarter.

3. Consultation

Consultation 2




1) 60-Minute Consultation: $90
2) 30-Minute Consultation: $50