Free Parking

Area 1 地点 1


parking at Bay Street, Victoria acupuncture and Chinese medicine clinic

On Bay St, by the side of the house, two spaces on the driveway are reserved for BayVan Clinic visitors.


在 Bay 街的诊所车库前有两个病人专用车位。


Area 2 地点2



parking at Vancouver Street, Victoria acupuncture and Chinese medicine clinic

There are seven spaces at the residential parking-only zone on Vancouver St (by the other side of the house).

Note: Victoria residential parking regulation allows the guest of a house owner to park at the residential parking area facing the house. You, as a guest of Dr. Hu (the property owner), have the legal right to park there. Please only park at the section between Bay St and Empress Ave, as allowed by Victoria’s parking bylaw.


You can not turn into Vancouver St from Bay St, you can turn from Empress Ave into this section. (Google Maps has not updated to the new road condition.)



注: 维多利亚居民专用停车规定(英文) 允许居民屋主的客人泊车在面向居民屋的街道上的任何一个居民专用停车位上。



Bay Street at Vancouver Street, Victoria


Area 3  地点3

You may park at a two-hour free parking zone on Vancouver St or Pembroke St, two blocks away south of the clinic.

在诊所南面不远处有众多的2小时免费停车位。(温哥华街和 Pembroke 街.)

Map for parking two blocks away from BayVan Clinic