Dr. Kevin Hu, Ph.D.

Dr. Kevin Hu





  • Three Seeds Healthcare Tea, Family Doctor, International Edition 家庭医生 海外版. 1998, (8): 78

Books (co-author)

  • TCM Five Zang Organ Internal Medicine (中医内科五脏病学). ISBN:7-5359-2388-7; 2001
  • TCM Internal Medicine (中医内科学). 2002. OCLC Number: 928135726
  • Unique Treatment on Hypertension by TCM (高血壓病的中醫特色療法). ISBN 781010795X. 2004
  • A Color Atlas of Tongue Diagnostics and Its Ancient and Modern Research. ISBN 7-5359-3146-4/R.510. 2004

Research Papers

1 From the graduate degree projects

a) Lab Research

  • Anti-Goiter Decoction Regulating Protein Expression of Apoptosis Related Genes. Research Paper Collection, the 3rd China Guangzhou International Traditional Chinese Medicine Academic Conference 第三届中国广州国际中医药学术会议 论文集. 2001. 1. (Ph.D.)
  • Laboratory Research on Jian Pi Chu Tan Decoction: Anti-0xidation and Anti-hyperlipidemia. Fujian Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine 福建中医药. 1998,(5):35-36. (Master’s degree)

b) Clinic Research

  • Clinical Effect of Jia Zhong Fang on Non-toxic Goiter. Journal of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine 广州中医药大学学报. 2002, (2). (Ph.D.)
  • Clinic effect of Jian Pi Chu Tan Jiang zhi Tang on 30 Cases of Hyperlipidemia. Hunan Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine 湖南中医杂志. 1997, 13 (4):9-9. (Master’s degree)

2. Others on Chinese medicines, clinic

  • Clinical Observation on Hypertension of Liver-Kidney Yin Deficiency. Liaoning Journal of TCM 辽宁中医杂志. 1996,23(12):542-543
  • Clinical Research: Xu Fu Zhu Yu Tang Treating CHD Angina. Hubei Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine 湖北中医杂志. 1997, (04) 14-15
  • Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi Capsule Treating Indigestion. China Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine Information 中国中医药信息杂志. 2000, (2)

3. On integrative Western medication and Chinese medicine

  • Combination of Cisapride and Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi Wan Treating Indigestion. Guangdong Medical Journal 广东医学. 2000, 21(4) 332-333
  • Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang’s Effect on Unstable Angina. Practical Journal of Integrative Chinese medicine and Western Medicine 实用中西医结合杂志. 1998,11(16):1559-1560

4. On ancient literature

  • Understanding Li Dongyuan’s “Yin” Fire. Chinese Medicine Forum 国医论坛.1998,13(5):42