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Who We Are?

We provide acupuncture and herbal medicine therapy by Dr. Kewu (Kevin) Hu, Ph.D., the former integrative doctor (1986 to 2004, China) and registered acupuncturist and herbalist (2005 to 2022, Canada). He was professionally accomplished before he came to Canada and he has been a TCM instructor in Victoria since 2005.

The Best Alternative Medicne

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is the world’s best alternative medicine. From diagnosis to treatment and from environment hygiene to skin needling-points disinfection, our clinic always sticks to high professional standards. We treat a wide variety of diseases from soft tissue damage to heart failure, including muscle and nerve pains, many gynecological disorders and skin disorders.

Our Services

We offer various therapies to meet your health need.


It is good for soft tissue pain, anxiety, depression, and many functional disorders.

Acupuncture plus

Combining with herbs will be more effective for diseases rooted deep in internal organs.

Herbal Medicine

Herbs are effective for lots of chronic and acute conditions as in the lungs and heart.

Integrative TCM

Herbs can improve the effects of bio-medicine on many disorders, even replace bio-medicine.


Happy Faces

Leena W:
Dr. Kevin Hu is a great doctor and teacher! He is attentive when treating patients and very thorough. As a Chinese Medicine teacher, he has a fun and engaging style of teaching. I feel very grateful to have studied with Dr. Hu.
Lin. C:
I’m grateful for Dr. Hu and his patience. He’s an expert in both traditional Chinese medicines and western medicines. My ankle had swelled for a one-half month, it bothered me a lot being painful and dysfunctional. It only took Dr. Hu two treatments to cure the swell and pain. And he gave me lots of useful advice to improve my health. This clinic would be the choice you never regret.
Luisa O:
Dr. Hu is a great doctor, respects your privacy, asks enough questions about the symptoms, very gentle with the needles. THANKS A LOT!!

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