BayVan Clinic

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Specialist

953 Bay St, Victoria BC

Acupuncture Victoria, BayVan Clinic

Dr. Hu, Ph.D. of TCM

Doctor of TCM, Physician of Integrative Western and Chinese Medicine, Associate Professor — China; R.TCM.P,  TCM Instructor  — Canada.

TCM dispensary, BayVan clinic of Acupuncture and Chinese medicine

Classic Acupuncture

This clinic is run by Dr. Hu, the sole practitioner, a doctor with profound medical  knowledge and extensive professional experience.

953 Bay Street, Victoria, BayVan Clinic of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Convenient Location

The name BayVan came from Bay St and Vancouver St., where two streets meet. Dr. Hu relocated his practice into this comfy professional house five years ago.

Oriental and Western Professional Experience

Practised acupuncture and herbal medicine and taught TCM courses in colleges in Victoria. (2004-2022, Victoria, Canada)


Worked as a TCM doctor and university teacher, clinically training domestic and international acupuncture and herb students. (1994-2004, Guangzhou, China)


Practiced as an integrated Western and Chinese medicine doctor at a hospital, treating diseases with medications, herbs or/and acupuncture.  (1986-1994, Wuhan, China)

Best Acupuncture in Victoria

Yin-yang Imbalance -- Root of Disease

Huangdi Neijing states, “Determining yin yang relationship before diagnosing a disease.” The relation can be as simple as fire and water and as complicated as everything entangled in the universe. 


Dr. Hu persistently dug into ancient TCM classics in his three-decade career. He can deeply understand yin-yang relations, find the root of the disease, and offer you effective treatment.